Australian Body Care Body Wash 200ml

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200 ml. Australian Bodycare Body Wash 200ml _x000D_ This_x000D_ refreshing and moisturizing Australian Bodycare Tea Tree Oil Exfoliating Body_x000D_ Wash will help keep the skin soft and smooth. _x000D_ The_x000D_ blend of non-abrasive particles, Tea Tree and Glycerin will remove dead skin_x000D_ cells, maintain moisture and freshen the body without causing any surface_x000D_ scratches or irritation. _x000D_ Refreshing_x000D_ & moisturizing. _x000D_ Non-abrasive_x000D_ particles to gently remove dead skin. _x000D_ Paraben_x000D_ & perfume free. _x000D_ Directions_x000D_ for use: to exfoliate : rinse the body with_x000D_ Australian Bodycare Skin Wash, then massage Australian Bodycare Tea Tree_x000D_ Oil Exfoliating Body Wash into the skin working in circular movements paying_x000D_ particular attention to elbows, knees and other drier areas. Rinse and dry the skin gently then apply_x000D_ Australian Bodycare Hand & Body Lotion to leave the skin conditioned and_x000D_ refreshed.

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