Louis widmer shower gel

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200 ml. Louis widmer shower gel _x000D_ Shower_x000D_ Gel cleanses the skin thoroughly yet very gentIy without irritating. _x000D_ Strong_x000D_ surface-active agents in ordinary shower gels often cause irritation, and dry_x000D_ skin becomes flaky and sore. _x000D_ The_x000D_ Louis Widmer Shower Gel contains a combination of extra-mild, very_x000D_ well-tolerated surface-active tensides which cleanse the skin thoroughly yet_x000D_ gently. _x000D_ Plant-based,_x000D_ non-comedogenic refattening substances prevent dehydration of the The pH corresponds_x000D_ to that of the skin. _x000D_ The_x000D_ Shower Gel is also suitable for very sensitive skin of children and infants.

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