Solcoseryl Jelly 20 % For Wounds And Burns

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20 Gm. Solcoseryl Jelly 20 % For Wounds And Burns _x000D_ Solcoseryl_x000D_ is a tissue metabolism activator, chemically and biologically standardized and_x000D_ deproteinised, non antigenic and apyrogenic hemodialized extract form the blood_x000D_ of healthy young calf. _x000D_ Solcoseryl_x000D_ contains a large amount of natural low molecular substances - glycolipides,_x000D_ nucleosides, nucleotides, amino acids, oligopeptides, irreplaceable micro_x000D_ elements, electrolytes. _x000D_ Solcoseryl_x000D_ increases reparative and regenerative processes, contributes to activation of_x000D_ metabolic processes and oxidative phosphorylation reactions. _x000D_ Solcoseryl_x000D_ increases oxygen intake, especially in cases of hypoxia. _x000D_ Possesses_x000D_ membrane-stabilizing and cell-protecting properties. Indications:_x000D_ Solcoseryl ointment and gel are used in:_x000D_ * Badly healing wounds_x000D_ * Bed sores_x000D_ * Chemical and thermal burns_x000D_ * Freezings_x000D_ * Trauma(wounds)_x000D_ * Radiation dermatitis

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