Charantia Tea

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20 Tea bags. Charantia_x000D_ It is made from only 100% dried whole Ampalaya fruits._x000D_ It fortifies a low-fat, high-fiber_x000D_ diet to help stabilize elevated glucose levels. _x000D_ It is as safe and effective as established by tradition and proven by_x000D_ science. _x000D_ With regular daily use of Charantia, you can enjoy a healthier, fuller life._x000D_ Ampalaya Tea Bags is delightful beverage you can prepare as easily as 1-2-3. _x000D_ Every tea bag contains about 1.75 grams of tea made from 100% Ampalaya fruits_x000D_ and seeds, packed in a sachet to preserve its aroma and freshness. _x000D_ A diabetic is advised to use 2 teabags per day to make four to five cups of_x000D_ the same pleasant-tasting and bitterless tea-like drink. _x000D_ Enjoy a cup of Charantia and take control of your glucose today.

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